Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a wicked web we weave

I've have alot of weird hobbies. One of them is collecting the grocery lists that get left behind in the carts when people finish shopping. I like to try and figure out what kind of person they are, guess what they were making for dinner, why they would need five tubes of K-Y, you know, stupid shit. Maybe you'd like try it and leave a comment. Dig it:

What's deal here? They crossed off cheddar cheese, eggs and soda; then said "The
hell with the rest of the stuff, I gotta go pick up little Caleb at soccer practice!" And what have they got against good 'ol American hash browns? Anybody who doesn't have time to shop for hash browns is probably a commie, I'm sure. What do you think? Somebody throw me a comment just so I know it's working. That's it, I'm pooped. Time for some cookies and punch and maybe I'll get some pix up later of the two crappy computers I'm going to use for "DIE, HARDWARE! DIE!

1 comment:

Irish Gumbo said...

It wasn't hash browns, it was hash browns, see? They just combined the grocery list with another 'special' list, nowhuddameen? The one the reserve for a different kind of market...